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Trainmaster (Train Operations Supervisor)

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C&N Railroad

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Full Time


Transportation, Warehousing & Logistics

Job Description:

The Trainmaster (Train Operations Supervisor) manages the day-to-day operations of the territory/terminal and train crews to ensure safe and on-time performance of trains while meeting CN's service commitment to customers.

Duties and Responsibilities:
Critical performance areas include the following but may vary depending on location and circumstances:

• Manage terminal operations as outlined in CN's operating plan.
• Supervise and manage the activities of train crews and yardmasters. In addition, effectively work with transportation clerks, crew callers, engineering, and mechanical to manage his/her assigned terminal.
• Comply with safe work procedures and practices as well as deliver a high level of productivity and customer service
• Lead people with clear direction and goals and provide coaching and guidance to employees through regular monitoring of employee performance.
• Apply collective agreement(s) and company policies when carrying out their duties, including managing and coaching employees, conducting investigations, recommending corrective action, and responding to grievances.
• Manage budgets and workforce productivity within CN policy and its Five Guiding Principles.
• Execution of required number of efficiency tests on T&E (Train and Engineman) employees.
• Clear communication of terminal measurements and information to senior management in order to make adjustments as needed.
• Work with foreign carriers and terminals to coordinate movement of trains and interchanges over CN territory
• Participate in activities related to derailments and disruptions in service, while working with engineering and mechanical to determine cause and future prevention.
• Participation in Investigations when necessary

Working Conditions:
• Irregular hours, including nights, weekends, and holidays
• Combination of office work and working outdoors in varying weather and environmental conditions.
• Lift up to 50 lbs and occasionally up to 83 lbs
• May be relocated if necessary
• Enforce safe work procedures and policies
• Meet deadlines, interface with senior management
• Travel for company business, at times without advance notice
• Respond to unexpected or emergency situations which could include the requirement to operate trains

Job Requirements:

Minimum Requirements:
• Must be 18 years of age
• Valid driver's license
• High School diploma or GED
• Must meet all medical fitness for duty requirements for the position
• Strong ability to perform well under pressure and in stressful situations and circumstances
• Ability to understand train scheduling and Railroad Operating rules
• Must display logistical thinking, critical thinking and multitasking skills
• Ability to successfully collaborate in a team environment while prioritizing tasks and instructions
• Ability to work autonomously and adapt to changing situations
• Ability to work independently with minimum supervision
• Must have the ability to stay alert and prepared for unusual conditions or circumstances
• Demonstrate good teamwork and maintain positive interactions with others
• Dedication to getting the job done while meeting established standards of quality, safety and client satisfaction
• Demonstrates a proven track record in troubleshooting and problem solving
• Demonstrated history and experience in safety compliance
• Ability to obtain USOR (United States Operating Rules) Qualification

• Relevant work experience in similar working conditions or regulatory/safety environment
• Experience in managing budgets
• Experience in supervising a unionized workforce
• Labor relations experience i.e. interpretation of collective agreements, response to grievances, negotiations with union representatives, discipline, etc.
• United States Operating Rules (USOR) qualified
• Post-secondary education
• Basic computer skills


Our benefits are designed to help our employees lead healthy lives and succeed at every stop along their career path. We offer competitive and comprehensive benefits to every CN employee. The specific benefits package you can receive depends on multiple factors, like geographic location, employee status, position and preferences.

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Company Information

The ideal candidate profile:
• Demonstrates the ability to work autonomously, adapt rapidly to changing circumstances and situations and manage stressful situations.
• Collaborative and team-oriented, can motivate others to achieve set objectives and maintains positive interactions. Good leadership skills – supervising, mentoring, coaching.
• Is result-focused, gives clear directions and prioritizes daily tasks.
• Excellent English verbal, reading comprehension and writing skills.
• Dedicated to getting the job done while meeting established standards of quality, safety and client satisfaction.
• Understand and apply safety standards, policies and procedures, collective agreements as well as Operating Rules.

Trainmasters will go through training of USOR (United States Operating Rules) in Homewood, IL. Training relating to terminal operations will be done on the job and facilitated by current Trainmasters, Division Trainmasters and Assistant Superintendents.

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