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Join the Army!

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US Army

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Based on rank and experience


Mount Vernon


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Full Time



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Active Duty What it means: You are a Soldier in The US Army who serves full time. You will generally live on a military base, either within the United States or in a foreign country. While active duty is similar to working at a full-time civilian job, the benefits you will earn are second to none. Full salary, full health care, retirement and the exemption benefits make the military pay and compensation competitive with all major corporations and industries.

The US Army has 150 different entry level jobs

- Get a monthly paycheck and qualify for other benefits
E-1 pay is $1,559.00
E-2 pay is $1,793.40
E-3 pay is $1,885.80

- Available training in 150 different job skills.
Learn a job skill in the field of your choice based in the army's needs.

- Educational benefits- get a degree with no out of pocket expense
Transfer your military training to civilian college credits
Tuition Assistance- $4,000.00 per year while serving
MGIB- $1,857.00 a month to go to school full time
Post 9/11 MGIB- covers 100% of states school tuition, books, and a monthly
housing allowance

Most of all develop a strong since of self pride because of your service to this great nation!

Job Requirements:

- Must be ages 17-34
- Score above a 31 on the Armed Services Aptitude Battery
- Medically and physically sound.

Prior/closed criminal history is not immediately disqualifying.


Additional benefits to be discussed with the recruiter

Application Instructions:

For any questions please call:

A Local US Army Recruiter
101 Davidson Ave.
Mt. Vernon, IL 62864
Office: 618.244.2352
Fax: 618.244.0703