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Join the Army Reserves!

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US Army

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Based on rank and experience


Mount Vernon


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Part Time



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What it means: You are a part-time Soldier in the Army. You are required to train and report for duty just one weekend a month and two weeks a year. Serving in the Army Reserve is more like a part-time job that enables you to keep your civilian career or attend school while serving your country. You will earn many benefits, including health care, retirement, and part-time duty pay.

The US Army has 150 different entry level jobs

- Get a monthly paycheck and qualify for other benefits
E-1 pay for 1 weekend is $213.32
E-2 pay for 1 weekend is $239.12
E-3 pay for 1 weekend is $251.44
SMP paid as E-5 at $303.76

- Tuition Assistance $4k a year, while serving

- MGIB paid at $13,284, to be paid in monthly installments over 36 months. It
can be used for additional tuition expenses or to pay the cost of living.

- MGIB Kicker- Additional money you could qualify for based on ASVAB scores.
Starts at $100 and goes up to $350 per month

- Student Loan Repayment- based on availability ($10k up to $40k)

- SROTC Stipend (MSII)- $350 per month, SMP program

Job Requirements:

- Must be ages 17-34
- Score above a 31 on the Armed Services Aptitude Battery
- Medically and physically sound.

Prior/closed criminal history is not immediately disqualifying.


Additional benefits to be discussed with the recruiter

Company Information

Employer: U.S. Army Reserves

Application Instructions:

For any questions please call:

A Local US Army Recruiter
101 Davidson Ave.
Mt. Vernon, IL 62864
Office: 618.244.2352
Fax: 618.244.0703