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Fire Department Joint Apprenticeship-Part time

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City of Centralia

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$11 to start $13 after cert. and probation




All Shift


Part Time



Job Description:

Conditions of Employment
The conditions of employment of Apprentice and Regular Part Time Firefighter employees shall consists of the following:
a) Probationary part time employees and regular part time employees shall be "employees at will" subject to dismissal at the discretion of the City.
b) All part time employees shall be required to maintain the Illinois certified
Firefighter II (Basic Firefighter) and Emergency Medical Technician Basic
c) An hourly rate of $11 for Apprentices during the probationary period
d) An hourly rate of $13 upon successful completion of their probationary period and promotion to regular part-time Firefighter status after completion of class.
e) Part time employees shall be required to participate in a minimum of twelve (12) hours of training per month. Said training shall be obtained with the Centralia Fire Department or a pre -approved instructional class. Failure to meet the minimum standard without a legitimate approved excuse will result in a written reprimand. Failure to meet the minimum standard in one calendar year for three months out of that year may result in termination.
f) Part time employees shall obtain no rank within the Centralia Fire Department and a part time employee shall not supervise a full time employee of the Centralia Fire Department. Part time employees will not be represented by the union.
g) The City shall, after receiving a list of qualified candidates as determined by the JAC, make every reasonable effort to maintain a minimum of five (5) part time employees at all times.
h) Overtime shall be offered to full time Association members before part time employees. Overtime coverage for a 24 hour shift shall be offered in increments of 12 hours. If no full time Association member accepts the overtime slots, it shall then be offered to part time employees.
I) Overtime may be covered in hourly increments if mutually agreed upon by the Chief or his designee & members covering the overtime.
j) The maximum a part time Fire fighter shall be allowed to work is up to 30 hours per week & will be allowed to work up to but less than 1000 hours per year and shall not receive or be eligible for any health insurance or IMRF/Pension coverages.
k) Part time Fire fighters who successfully completed their Apprenticeship period and are promoted to regular part time Firefighter status who hold positions on the City's eligibility list may be granted priority preference for appointment to full time certificated Firefighter based on additional preference points as may be agreed upon by the Police and Fire Commission if they so desire to do so and are within the authority of the current local and Illinois state statutes of the Police & Fire Commission rules and regulations.

Job Requirements:

Qualifications to apply for Apprenticeship
1) Be of Good Moral Character
2) Physically able to perform the duties required
3) Must be 21
4) Must have a High School Diploma
5) Must be a United States Citizen
6) Able to provide 3 references

The Joint Apprenticeship Committee may refuse to certify an applicant eligible after all information is received:
1) Who is found lacking in any of the established preliminary requirements for the apprenticeship.
2) Who is physically unable to perform the duties of the position of apprentice.
3) Who is addicted to the use of intoxicating beverages or narcotics.
4) Who has been convicted of a felony that is felt would be serious enough to deem the applicant ineligible.
5) Who has been dismissed from any public service for good cause
6) Who has attempted to practice any deceptive or fraud in his/her resume.
7) Who may be found disqualified in personal qualifications or health.
8) Whose character and employment references are unsatisfactory
Any applicant, or eligible, deemed disqualified here under, shall be notified by the City Manager


supply clothing and training/certifications

Company Information

Preference may be given for any of the following:
1) Employees ranked on the City’s Firefighter Eligibility List
2) Resides in the Corporate City Limits of Centralia
3) Illinois Certified Firefighter II or Basic Operations Firefighter
4) Illinois Certified Emergency Medical Technician
5) Hazardous Materials Operations
6) Fire Service Vehicle Operator
7) Vehicle & Machinery Operations
8) 3 or more consecutive years in the fire service or related fields
9) Military service

Application Instructions:

Steps Applicant for Apprentice can expect to follow
1) Submit a resume to the Joint Apprenticeship Committee
2) Submit copies of all Certifications with Resume
3) Be available for Physical Agility Test when notified
4) Pass all components of the Physical Agility Test
(Those who have passed the physical agility test but did not pass the written test for the City’s Eligibility List may use this test if within the last two years)
5) Be available for interview by the Joint Apprenticeship Committee when notified.
6) Be available for interview with City Manager
7) Offered a position
8) Pass a back ground check
9) Pass a medical examination

Email resume to Kim Enke, City Clerk